Facebook Face Palm

I have, in fact, proclaimed that works sucks, that my ex is stupid, made fun of myself and some dumb thing I did, and posted pictures of me and my drunken friends in a karaoke bar in Texas at my going away bash on Facebook for all the world to see...well, all of my tiny little world anyway.  That's right, my mother doesn't see pictures of me in questionable situations with far more questionable fashion decisions, and my ex doesn't get to see any of my pictures that don't contain our daughter, and I don't post anything that I am not 100% okay with everyone on my friends list reading.  That being said, Facebook should be used responsibly.  A few things to consider:

1.)  It is fairly standard practice for employers to search social networking sites to creep job applicants.

For this reason alone, I changed my privacy settings.  

2.)  If you anger a co-worker that you have friended, they will likely show your boss all the posts you made from the beach the day you called in "sick," that one time you tweeted about hiding in the break room to avoid doing any actual work, and the day you pointed out what an idiot your boss is in a blog post. 

Like with all writing, step 1 should be to consider your audience.  Before accepting or sending a friend request, consider any potential housekeeping you should do to your social networking sites first.

3.)  If you post a picture of yourself doing something obnoxious, lame, or inappropriate, on a social networking site that co-workers have access to, be prepared to see it on the break room fridge come Monday morning. 

Social networking sites are a great place to connect both personally and professionally when used responsibly.  Think before you post, or you'll wind up on one of my favorite blogs to read:

The failure of others - Learn from it.


  1. Well said and written. And I agree completely!

  2. WOW, never thought about things quite like that!! Love it girlie!!