I Hate You... :-)

Emoticons have their place...on my phone, in lovey dovey text messages to my boyfriend, in silly posts on my 10 year old cousin's soccer team blog, and in emails to my teenage sister.

They do not, however, belong in my work email in-box and instant messages.  I say this, because I work with several remote employees fairly regularly.  There is one, in particular, (we'll call her Petunia) that I honestly have no idea if she hates me, loves me, thinks I'm the stupidest person on the planet, or hails me as a genius, because of her less than predictable use of emoticons.  She is an over-winker, for sure.  It follows instructions, greetings, scoldings...I'm not sure if she wants to date me or thinks I'm an idiot.  Sometimes I want to ask her if her computer has something in its eye.  I can overlook a friendly smiley or confused face in the office, but if the end message looks like my 2nd grade daughter wrote your email with a box of crayons because of your emoticon use, you might consider cutting back a bit.

Kick the Smiley Habit... 


  1. Funny and insightful April!

  2. (-: love that <3 you made my heart flutter thinking of all the emotions that can be used (0= But I completely agree that the use of "smiley's" should be limited to friends and children; not business!! <3 you! Have a great day (-;

  3. ;-P (Couldn't Resist) It is afterall my favorite emoticon...except for the sheep. Yeah. We use Microsoft Lync 2010 at work, and one of the pre-installed emoticons in the emoticon package is a sheep. When would one use a sheep? If you want to type him, rather than selecting him from the menu, you type: (bah). That makes me giggle.